Project Management Secrets - Strategy Over Tactics & The Process (FHL 2019) - Own Your Brand Academy
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Project Management Secrets – Strategy Over Tactics & The Process (FHL 2019)



Project Management Secrets - Strategy Over Tactics & The ProcessProject Management Secrets - Strategy Over Tactics & The ProcessProject Management Secrets - Strategy Over Tactics & The Process

Mynders Glover interview from Funnel Hacking Live 2019. Mynders uses his extensive background and knowledge to discuss how agencies and entrepreneurs can use effective project management techniques to stop working in the business and back to working on it.

Vince: Here we go. Another great episode. We are talking today to Mynders Glover. He’s a project management specialist who has worked on dozens of projects in the e-commerce field as well as other online and offline projects, live events and some other great activities he’s done offline as well.

Vince: What he has done is taken his extensive knowledge and background in project management and has come up with a great program that shows individuals and agencies how they can make the most out of their project flows and team management. His systems help take you, the owner, out of the tactical and let you operate in the strategic.

Vince: So listen up and get you some process, coming up next.

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Vince: All right. Everybody welcome to the next episode of Own Your Brand Academy. Today we got the great Mynders Glover who has this amazing project management training and team management system that he’s got going on. He’s going to be giving you a little bit of advice today on how you can manage either yourself, have some in-house people trained up a little bit better, or learn how to hire somebody that can help you with your project management on this episode of Own Your Brand Academy.

Vince: All right, welcome Mynders, great having you on, man.

Mynders Glover: Thank you sir, I appreciate events.

Vince: We’re here at this great event here in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s Funnel Hacking Live 2019, it’s one of, it’s my favorite marketing event and one of the biggest marketing events of the year, and Mynders Glover, he’s here with us, also we’re part of this coaching mastermind group, and we’re really excited because we’re learning all kinds of great marketing stuff. Mynders is here to tell us a little bit about project management and some of the great stuff he has going on. Welcome, Mynders.

Mynders Glover: Well, thank you.

Vince:  Yeah.

Mynders Glover: So I’ll just jump right into it.

Vince: Yeah, absolutely.

Mynders Glover: So I have been a systems guy all of my entrepreneurial life. And I’ve had my own management consulting company, started up my own businesses, et cetera. And the common thread was setting up systems in order to have the businesses work from the outset, very efficiently. And so most recently, after I sold my Amazon brands, people in the private label community there started asking me to set up the systems that I use to build my business, for them.

Vince: Oh, great.

Mynders Glover: And so there were like seven core systems and in order to implement them, I had to show them how to do a project management system, you know, because it was through that portal that they could do, you know, those processes.

Vince: Right. And that’s pretty intensive, right, the Amazon business?

Mynders Glover: Yeah, yeah.

Vince:  As far as managing a lot of different …

Mynders Glover: It is. And so what happens is, you know, people can’t scale easily because there’s so many things to do and they don’t have organized processes to do it. And so that’s what I developed there. And then I decided that I wanted to take it online to a broader solopreneur community. And to be able to show people how to set up their project management system in their organization because that’s the thing that allows you to run all of your projects, your tasks, through this system, and organize all of your people, get them on the same page.

Vince: Oh, wonderful.

Mynders Glover: So that it can be productive. And so I started down that path. And what I learned in the last year, largely through the click funnels community and this coaching group, is that busy entrepreneurs with five or fewer employees don’t have the time to focus on setting up systems. And probably they don’t have the temperament, you know, so it’s like, wow, project management, you know, sounds like a good idea, but that’s for somebody else.

Vince: Right.

Mynders Glover: Kind of like doing your taxes or bookkeeping, you know.

Vince: Right.

Mynders Glover: But, it’s essential for your organization. So what I did was I created a course around project management and for the beta group that we’re in now, it’s called Waffle Management. And the reason for that is that Russell Brunson, head of Click Funnels, teaches a concept of build your business with all your staff or copywriters, design, you know …

Vince: Finding all the right “whos” in your business, whatever the type of business you have and whatever your needs are, finding that, and I think the way he says it is like, instead of a French toast stick you build a waffle of different whos based on the skill set that they need.

Mynders Glover: That’s right, go deep and wide.

Vince: So the management of it, so it’s deep and wide, and the management of that is so difficult. So you mentioned five, people with five or less, and a lot of small business, or you know, there’s solopreneurs and they’re trying to find the right whos that are going to help them build their business or work in it. You’re absolutely right. None of us really think, how do we, do we even need, we don’t need processes and systems, I’ve just got to show up to work early, leave late, and try to just wing it as we go and put out fires. I have a small agency, and the problem that I saw most was that I was just winging it. So I didn’t really have any great systems, and most of my day was spent putting out fires instead of focusing on the core activities that I do best, or that I enjoy doing best, or that I can bring the most value to my customers.

Mynders Glover: Exactly.

Vince:  So it’s really interesting that you said that because I think a lot of people are in a similar situation. So I’m assuming that people with five or less employees are a little bit different than those with maybe 10 or 20 employees because you’re kind of forced to. But a lot of times also people just hire a random person they think will be good at managing people, and then those people don’t have really good systems to implement. You’re just hoping that they’ve had previous experience in managing.

Mynders Glover: That’s right. And so this can work with, you know, any size organization. But I framed it in the smaller group because that’s the group that really feels the pain, you know, of getting started. Just having a few staff members, whether hired or VAs, and you know, wanting to harness those resources and having a lot of projects and working, as you mentioned, late hours to get it done. So the process that I use is I have two tracks. One for the owner that’s minimum time investment, just to understand the potential and how to hire a project manager or promote from within, and then to interface with that project manager. Then the detail work happens with the project manager, even if they’re not hired yet, we leave breadcrumbs so that they can come back in and learn that, you know, that second track and come in on some group coaching.

Vince: So I had the honor to be part of this beta group, and one of the first things that I noticed that was great is that as an owner, the way I was doing things before was putting out fires, meeting with team members, spending more hours and time trying to management. In your system it’s actually kind of separates the owner from the project manager so that the owner has only a high level view of what they need to have in order to operate on a daily basis. So it’s not like they’re in the details every day, or as I’ve heard Alex Sharp, another, a great project and team building person talk about, where they’re like, “Your daily and weekly goals, or task as the owner, is really just going to your team and say, ‘Do this.’ They go and do it and they come back and report to you they did it, then you have to give them a new set.” Your system kind of separates that to where the owner’s really just looking at a kind of dashboard.

Mynders Glover: That’s right.

Vince: And the project manager or his manager is handling the rest of that.

Mynders Glover: That’s right.

Vince: And they’re just reporting up what’s going on.

Mynders Glover: Exactly. So you can still have those team meetings at whatever frequency you want, but it doesn’t put the onus on those team meetings to see who’s being accountable or not. The system, the project management system and the project manager have that responsibility. And so as you mentioned there’s like a one page report card.

Vince: Love it.

Mynders Glover: That the team, the team manager, the project manager, gives to the owner so the owner knows how the team is doing on the goals that are important to him.

Vince: Oh, I love it. So if people want to learn a little bit more about this, because there’s a lot more we could go into, but what I wanted, what I got the most out of, was that it’s freeing up the manager, or the owner, to be able to focus on the higher level activities of the business, rowing the business instead of working in the business, working on it, as well as then training up a good project manager or manager so they can handle the day to day activities and projects that you may be working on, or just the daily task management, and then reporting up to you. What else do we need to know about the program? It’s a great dashboard, it gives the owner, it separates the owner from the task, it teaches, you actually instruct the project manager on how to do these things, to be a proper project manager.

Mynders Glover: Exactly. So just two final things. One is, the project manager typically will be hired from the program after the start. Like, after the second week, in however long it takes. And this is typically a $25 an hour or less person. So we’re not talking a huge salary, and they start off part time. So the course has strategies for you on how to do that, even at a net zero cost outlay. Which, you know, is really, really powerful. But the thing is, once you hire the project manager, then the project manager can come back, once they implement this in your team, they can come to four group sessions that I have for project managers to learn how to integrate your situation with this system and we iron out the kinks. So the way to find out more about it, I have ongoing preview webinars that tell about this program and how this whole thing fits together. So just go to and that’ll give you all the information you need.

Vince: Great. Thanks so much, Mynders, for being on. Go to and learn a little bit more about project management. If you’re not already understanding that, you need to start figuring it out, how you can separate a little bit from the detail, daily task management of your business, and get into a little bit more of a strategic level and start getting back to what you really love to do rather than working in your business with the tactical. Thanks for joining us for this episode of Own Your Brand Academy, thank you Mynders for being it.

Mynders Glover: Thank you so much.

Vince: And we’ll see you on the next one. Take care.

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